The Journey of a Postmodern Christian

A New Sexuality?

I have always wondered about how the church approached sexuality. Even as a teenager it seemed to me that the church was conflicted on the issue. Yes in marriage, NO!!! everyone else. So is sex a good thing? Yes, but only in marriage if not in the confides of marriage it is totally destructive and the unforgivable sin. It will destroy your life. HUH? To say the church has struggled over sexuality is to kind of point out the obvious. I wanted to post on sexuality, but was not sure on how to do it. I think there has been plenty of finger-pointing and discussion of why the church views sexuality in a harsh way, but no real way to move forward from those criticisms. This video with Brian Ammons & Richard Rohr is perhaps the beginning of a new discussion of sexuality. Watch the video and see what you think. I will have another blog on my thoughts.



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    Just yesterday I read a blog that was talking about the “church” and its new found voice on sex and how one mega-church was making sex calenders available that were filled with ideas on making sex (in marriage of course lol) more exciting….my unasked for take on it? I think if the american mainstream church can find a new nitch to benefit financially from this just might be the one….Only time will tell, IF you start to see the “church” embracing sex and we see a whole “movement” arise where lots of books and products start showing up, then I guess we’ll know I was right.

    November 30, 1999 at 12:00 am

  2. Chris Bruce

    Excited to read your thoughts on this in later posts, my friend.

    March 10, 2011 at 5:42 pm

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