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Postmodernism and Theology

The discussion of how postmodernism and theology is perhaps as fluid and as controversial as the whole movement of Postmodernism itself. This is why of course I wish to talk about it. I am currently in a class discussing the implication of French philosopher Paul Ricœur and his understanding of hermeneutics on the enterprise of theology. Ricoeur famously develops his understanding of the hermeneutic and narrative arc. Without going into too much detail there is basically three different stages of interpretation culminating in a post critical understanding. While this arc is more like a spiral considering interpretation is continuous it is good metaphor for which to understand interpretation. My question comes: Can this post critical understanding be conceived of as ethics and what would this mean for theology and the Christian life? For those of you reading who may be wondering what the heck I am talking about another question might be: How do we have a critical engagement in the world as Christians especially in the realm of ethics? Thoughts and comments welcome.